Man Leaves Restaurant Without Paying But Owner Receives Unexpected Note Weeks Later

However, luckily for us, there are small acts of kindness to be found in the most unexpected places. Whether that's finding out that you were saved the last piece of birthday cake, or discovering that your friends regularly spend their time volunteering, it's always heartening to see that the people around us are less morally repugnant than we first assumed.

The latest example of this comes from Middlesborough, England, where a restaurant received a remarkable note in the post after a group of diners fled without paying.

Living in the 21st century, it can be slightly disconcerting to be affronted with an establishment which refuses to take our plastic cards, and instead insists on rather archaic forms of currency, also known as cash.

This was exactly the dilemma that a family ran into while dining at the Kilimandjaro restaurant on the 8th of December. After enjoying their dinner, they found themselves embroiled in a rather awkward situation when they realised that they couldn't pay by card.

The trio then took off to try to locate a cash point, but the family, who weren't actually from the area, soon realised that their last train home was due to depart very shortly. After becoming distracted by this knowledge, they hastily made their way to the nearest train station, completely forgetting that they hadn't paid the bill for their food.